素敵なプレゼントが届きました。噂に聞いてた、公子さんの「 かっこいいクリュールリメイク 」の英語版
「 Cut-up Couture 」です。 公子さんのリメイクは、言葉で理解しながら作るより、英語版で直感的にハサミをチョキチョキする方が、なんだかとてもしっくりきます。


Koko’s new book has just come out in English. You can buy it from amazon!


Cut-Up Couture is a cutting-edge design book that teaches how to use the copious fabric in men’s clothing items to make 34 innovative garments and accessories. The simple sewing techniques showcase how to turn men’s shirts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts into beautiful dresses, ruffled blouses, draping tops, and gorgeous jackets for women.

You’ll learn how to cut, re-sew, and re-shape clothing into cherished garments that resemble trendy, urban boutique findings with lessons in creative “upcycling” and stylish yet simple sewing. Plus, several of the garments in Cut-Up Couture are reversible or can be worn in several ways, such as a dolman-style top that transforms into a skirt, or a skirt/cape variation. Explore a wealth of innovative advice and inspiration for making each project inexpensive, and still very chic.

The stylish projects featured are for beginner and advanced sewists or for those simply interested in fashion design.

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